The Importance of Music

Playlist Highlights:


Each listener hears a different colour

Happyalone are a psychedelic pop dream. Hailing from the more distant reaches of our fair galaxy, their recent success has led to their topping Spotify’s Ireland Viral as well as spawning collaborations with bigger names such as Bring Me the Horizon.

Colours, and all that it represents, couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for our TOTEM. The guys describe how colours was an artistic experiment in sound-scaping and was “made in about 30 minutes, with the very very minimal [production] knowledge [they] had”.

The best 30 minutes that could have been spent, dare I say.

Colours is a song to lose yourself in, but perhaps also to find yourself in. The song has the innate ability to transport you to other planes – ones in which colours are not just seen, but heard.

You have to hear it to see it!

Emmet O’Brien

“I always wanted to mould minds”

Dublin (and proud) spoken-word/rap artist Emmet O’Brien gives us a peak into his backstory and reasons for becoming an artist in his debut Spotify single Dreams.

The contrasts in this piece between his dreams and ideals, with the realities of north-side Dublin life, are moving; to put it mildly.

I dream about a time where my mates can rise and no longer be be jobless but supply their family with pride.

Emmet perfectly portrays the power of art to spread awareness and to spread ideas; to take dreams out of the dream-world and into reality. His music threatens to elicit real, social change.

– And he does so “with an accent”.


“Deep in the music and no way I’m quitting!”

Pictured above: the somewhat perplexingly endearing artwork from Lexodus’ new album Farming, dropped just last month.

Lexodus are a Berlin/London blend of energetic hiphop, jazz, funk, rock, pop. That’s right: they hit all the sweet spots.

It was a difficult choice, given the album’s 7 incredible songs, to pick just one. But in the end we went with 47, where the ‘beats are edible‘. A positive tune, whose rhymes and chops ensure you’ll stop for a quick bop.

Artwork for Lexodus’ single ‘Toast’.

47 is, as far as we can tell, a complete celebration of music. It describes the simple joy Hang Linton (frontman) finds in life and in creation. He begins with the line: “I’m always rather happy with this life that I’m living”, and, as always, proceeds to take us on a winding lyrical journey from there on out.

Honestly, though, you shouldn’t stop there. We have unashamedly looped the entire album, and we recommend you do the same!

Paloma Azure

A message to human nation

When we were sent Paloma Azure’s new track To Human Nation, we were temporarily stunned.

This is why this blog exists.

Paloma’s track addresses the world as a whole in a convicting manner. “Where’s action?” She implores.

Compelling lyrics combined with sharp strings and spooky choral parts, make an overall intense, powerful, call-to-action track.

Paloma’s track shows art acting at its maximum power! A critique to society; Paloma inspires change. It’s songs like this that move us forward as a people, and ultimately act as a force of good for our human nation.


“It made me reminiscent of my childhood.”

Nív is a Kildare singer/songwriter, who, through her new single Silly Voices, uses art to encapsulate her fondest childhood memories.

We loved this application of art. Silly Voices made us really think about the power of a song to take something so abstract as a memory and to make it tangible.

The ability of Silly Voices to invoke childhood nostalgia is something beautiful. In that way, art can act as a kind of collection-box of memories.

The song is a memory of recurring childhood moments that, at the time may have seemed minute or insignificant, but are now some of the fondest memories I have of growing up.


We’ve experienced lots of personal things like life, death, happiness, and sadness…”

SX2 are a Waterford DJ/producer duo, who, just last month, dropped their long awaited debut album.

They’d been working on the album for over a year, and now that it’s finally graced our ears, we can say that it was time well spent.

With this album, SX2 touch on the ability of their music to harness and to transmit emotions. In an interview, they explain: “around the time you are feeling a certain emotion, that’s what you will create.”

It was a no brainer to call our album “Reflection” because we literally just reflected back to a moment with every single track.

Peace of Mind was the natural call to include in our playlists. However SX2 have been generous enough to treat us to another exclusive, unreleased track: Learning Hour, which we will feature exclusively on the blog next week!

Stay tuned!

Awkward Z

Let me bring you right back to the boy that was Awkward”

We were shocked, upon hearing Awkward Z’s single Direction, at the level of talent and professionalism coming from the local Waterford rapper.

He’s up there with the big boys.

Irish rap is getting better and better, and there’s no better proof than in Z’s tracks.

Directions is a down-to-earth reflection on Z’s background. We love that it includes two commentary samples with blatant Irish accents. Z shows us the importance of music in representing your own culture.

Daria Kickler

You think you’ve got somebody all figured out, yet they still manage to draw you in somehow.”

Daria’s song The Muse was an obvious fit for our TOTEM. Not just for the apt title, but for it’s message, and for the absolutely stunning, soothing vocal delivery.

Daria’s vocals are a of blaze of warmth that, when mixed with Oneplus’ soaring production, leave you spiralling in a tempest of contentment.

Daria describes it as “taking the role of the observer” in a relationship. Noticing all of the small things, and never ceasing to be inspired by them.