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Your Place in Society

When we’re little we’re asked what we want to be when we’re older. Doctor. Dancer. Astronaut. Firefighter. Everything seems equally possible. The more we grow older, the more we realise just how unequal the possibilities really are. We soon learn to segregate our society and to class people into a hierarchical pyramid of professions, which…

Older Posts – ‘The Importance of Art’

The Importance of Art

Now, more than ever – whilst cooped up and confined by the rampage of a wild bat virus – – We detainees are beginning to recognise the true value of arts and of entertainment – to the individual, as well as societally. It is sad, then, that the creative industries should now be facing such…

5 Artists Answer the Question: “What Does Art Mean To You?”

We interview five Irish artists about their artistry, and ask what they think the importance of art is in today’s crazed world. Their answers are both humbling and inspiring, as well as unsurprisingly entertaining. Each artist gives us a peak into why they chose art as their profession, and explain why they think anybody can…

An Assortment of Pages you Should Follow to “Clean Ya Feed!”

“You are the 5 people you most surround yourself with”- The Internet Right now, you may not be able to surround yourself with 5 people. Our social lives have gone all-virtual, so let’s amend that saying to: “You are the assortment of pages that currently dominate your social media feeds.” – Me And do you…


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