Artists are essential to communities. They give us culture in times of flourish, and hope in times of despair. – Now is the time for artists to rise up and carry us through the haze. 


This month’s gallery features artists who all explore or in some way contribute to their community. @uberkunst highlights the times we all miss in our communities right now – time spent together. These works remind us of the joys of meeting up with friends and enjoying each other’s company. It gives us a nostalgia for nights out and a thirst for a good pint.

@rr_illustrations_ depicts the idea of community within the age of technology and lockdown with her drawing of a Zoom call: ‘theboys’. Extremely current. We love this piece as much as we love Zoom!


@Estebanog_art paints his own community’s beautiful landscapes. At a first glance, these rolling green, cow-filled, hills would remind you of our beloved Ireland, but they are, in fact, Columbia – his home country. We’ve never been to Colombia but somehow these paintings make us feel connected.


@Ross_carvill often parttakes in art challenges on Instagram, one such being the recent instagram explosion ‘Creatives Against Covid-19’. Ross presents beautifully coloured illustrations depicting weird and wonderful situations from his imagination. His drawings often take inspiration from tattoo flash sheets, but with his own surreal interpretation. Check out his shop here.

@Ciaranyohanbrennan cleverly summarises our communal distaste for getting blasted by election flyers and posters. Because nothing says community like your neighbour Brenda going off on another one over the local elections. You can find more of his work here too.

@Ominous_omin commemorates the great famine and the impact it had on Ireland. –  A mural piece which was painted in Derry for ‘coming home; art and the great hunger’ exhibition.


@tdamcgregor looks more toward the individual’s place within a society. He has contributed prints to the artist support pledge through Matthew Burrow’s studio; an amazing artists-support initiative, where for every £1000 an artist makes on their work, they buy another artist’s piece. You can check that out here.


And those are just some examples! Scroll through the gallery to find more. Take your time. Enjoy it. Lose yourself in their work. You can be sure to find some visual delights amongst it all.