Have you ever seen a painting, heard a tune, or read an article and thought to yourself…


This is art.

We, here, at goddamn.blog, want to deliver you that reaction on a weekly basis; through a medley of mixed media, chosen carefully from some of the most captivating creatives in the country world. 

We achieve this by assigning a theme of the month (TOTEM), and curating from your prodigious pieces relevant to that theme.  

Run by a humble team of three (Luna, Conor and Richard), from a barn somewhere in the southeast of the Emerald Isle, the idea was prompted when one day Richard got hit in the head by a Hotpress magazine and swore he’d stop at nothing until he saw each page “demolished, damned and desecrated!

A bit of a dramatic, our Richard.

Either way, Luna and Conor soon hopped on board the vengeance train, bringing with them their own ideas of integrating art and music with retribution; to finally form the confounding concoction that is… Goddamn!

Your online cultural quarter reporter. 
Your one-stop-shop for fresh ideas and bops.
Your dietary dose of inspiration; and the grease in the cogs of your imagination!


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Welcome Post:


And thanks for stopping by. This is the first ever Goddamn blog post. That is, the first of a string of many, which will be organised into monthly themes, and put out on a weekly basis — every Tuesday, to be precise. (We recommend subscribing to our email list, so as not to miss out…