And thanks for stopping by.

This is the first ever Goddamn blog post.

That is, the first of a string of many, which will be organised into monthly themes, and put out on a weekly basis — every Tuesday, to be precise. (We recommend subscribing to our email list, so as not to miss out on any!)

We refer to these monthly themes as TOTEMs. (Themes Of ThE Month)

Our TOTEMs plan to span across everything; ranging from the historical, to the topical, to the hypothetical. From the real, to the surreal, to the downright silly. All of them will aim to be somewhat educational, and all of them will aim to be most-what recreational.

Here at Goddamn we firmly believe in making content that’s entertaining yet informative; engaging yet educational. We always want you to take something new away with you! Whether it be a new perspective, a bright idea, or just a new jam to crank in the car.

That brings us to the art! 

It’s super important to us to also support artists wherever we can. That’s why we’re asking anyone interested to send us in your art and music relating to our theme, and we’ll feature it on our page along with captions/descriptions/interviews/hell, maybe even a full-blown post if you really manage to captivate us!

Right now, we’re accepting submissions for any kind of art. This includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital/graphic art, photography, memes… the list goes on.

We’ll also be considering any genre of music, as long as the song pertains (loosely) to the theme. We will have two TOTEM playlists each month, one on Soundcloud and one on Spotify, and your songs can be added to either (or both!)

To submit your artwork, send us an email at submissions@goddamn.blog, along with a description of yourself, the piece, and links to your socials.

Depending on demand, we may also take submissions for poetry and short-stories. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you have something special to share from those categories, either.

We’re super excited to get this show on the road; to share our ideas with you and to see what ideas we get back! We hope to create a loving, supportive and innovative community here, which is something we all may just need right now, in such trying times.

Oh, and did I mention, you should subscribe to our mailing list? We’re currently cooking up a saucy, saline newsletter to get your brain salivating.

See you Tuesday!



  1. Jim · April 13, 2020

    Just to make sure all your pages, menu etc are all operational! I look forward to your notifications. Ta!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Luna Juniper · April 14, 2020

      Hi, Jim! We appreciate that immensely! Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list if you want to receive a fun update when blogs go out. 🙂 We just published a new one today!


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